Saturday’s Secret: Week 29

Article Nine of the Bill of Rights refers to the rights retained by the people — and that it is the right of the people to know everything going on in the government.  It is therefore unlawful for the FDA to fail to respond to a Freedom of Information request for copies of data used by the FDA for determining to give GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status to free glutamic acid used in food.

It seems reasonable to conclude that in filling the request for data, the FDA would have to admit that 1) there are no data that demonstrate that free glutamate can be safely used in food, and 2) that the only studies that claim to have demonstrated the safety of free glutamate have been double-blind studies where excitotoxic aspartic acid (in aspartame) has been used in placebos.

Aspartic acid (in aspartame) and glutamic acid (in MSG) both cause brain damage and identical adverse reactions.

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