Saturday’s Secrets — Best kept secrets of the glutamate industry

It’s not a secret anymore.

If your mother was pregnant with you after 1960 and she ate a fair amount of processed food and drank diet soda, chances are that today you’re overweight, and have found that diet and exercise don’t help. That’s because the flavor enhancers in processed food and the aspartic acid in aspartame are excitotoxins that kill/destroy the brain cells that would have controlled satiety, appetite, and food intake had they not been obliterated by flavor-enhancers like MSG, and aspartic acid-containing sweeteners such as aspartame, equal, and others found in low-cal and diet foods and beverages.

Yes, there’s science that says so:

Samuels A. (2020) Dose dependent toxicity of glutamic acid: a review, International Journal of Food Properties, 23:1, 412-419, DOI: 10.1080/10942912.2020.1733016:


Without pregnant women passing excitotoxic – brain damaging – free glutamic acid to fetuses and neonates, there would be no obesity epidemic

So now that you understand that you’re not lazy, unmotivated or whatever else people are blaming you for, stand tall and be proud of the person you are.  Once you’ve accepted the fact that you have a disability and are not to blame for being overweight, you can work to minimize your disability without beating yourself up for something over which you had no control. Whatever you and your doctors or counselors design for your future can now be based on realistic expectations. Yes, if you choose to modify your weight, there will be limits imposed on you by the brain damage done to you in utero. So, make sure the doctors and counselors you choose are tuned in to help you.

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